Cranetec Overload protective Device

Increased safety for supporting structures by means of overload protective device

Efficient production requires all hoists to be working to capacity. However, it is sometimes difficult to estimate loads. The Cranetec load detector provides effective protection for supporting structures and hoist units against overload – and satisifes the overload protection requirement as laid out in the current Auatralian standards  . The Cranetec load detector offers protection for all Starlluf and  third-party hoist units, for open winch crabs and the entire load range, also for arduous applications.Our load limiters comes with in built load display system

Cranetec Overload protective Device

Cranetec geared limit switches

Our limit switches are designed for high cut out accuracy.The features of the limit switch as follow

  • Easily fitted to hoists, roller doors, lifting platforms, rail-mounted travel units, distribution carriages and telescoping mechanisms – also to existing equipment
  • Geared limit switches do not require any maintenance. Infinitely variable setting of the individual switching points for all directions of movement using a screwdriver
  • The maximum deviation from the switching points, once set, is no more than ± 2° on the output shaft over the complete life of the switch, even when using the whole range of adjustment.

Cranetec geared limit switches

Star limit switches

These switches can be used to slow cranes down or stop them at the end of the crane track. They can only be used in combination with contactor-type control systems and drives with self-actuating brakes. The system is operated by a striker arm on the crane track



Anti-collision devices

The Cranetec anti-collision device incorporates a photoelectric distance measurement system which prevents accidental collision. Automatic switchover to a lower speed as the two hoists approach each other is a standard feature. A shut-down function can be incorporated. Cranetec can also supply collision prevention devices designed to maintain a specified minimum spacing and other special designs

Hook Blocks

Cranetec can supply standard hook blocks from 1 to 80 tonnes in various configurations from 2 to 10 falls

Hook Blocks
Hook Blocks 1
Hook Blocks 2