Overhead Cranes




We offer single girder overhead cranes up to 25 tonne and 30 metre span.

Single girder overhead cranes are the most cost efficient option for an

overhead crane. Our single girder overhead cranes come standard with

lightest wheel loads along with low headroom hoists equipped with variable

frequency drives on both hoist and trolley. Our overhead cranes also come

standard with bridge travel limit switches which reduces harmful loading on

end stops and unnecessary load swing.



Cranetec Double Girder Overhead Cranes are generally utilised in capacities

over 10 tonne and spans approaching or exceeding 20 metres, although

double girder overhead cranes can be used at any capacity to span where

extremely high lifts are necessary. This is because the hook can be lifted up

between the girders. Double girder overhead cranes are an excellent choice

where high speeds and heavy service are required.